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The Ladi behind Mz. Thangz

Mz. Thang’z Boutique is 12 years in the making. The name is a nod to the nickname my mother calls me. Mz. Thang in my opinion is a woman who is an individual, spunky, unique and can keep it professional, all at the same time. She has layers, she is something like a chameleon. It is my desire to create a selection of products that will show your personality in any environment. It is my belief that just being a business professional can be dull at times but you can add your own style to any situation.

Mz. Thang’z Boutique is a snazzy boutique filled with expression wear. Express yourself and who you are. Being a woman in a male dominated world can be stressful and you can lose your feminine energy. Own your sassiness and still run that boardroom, Sis!

 Mz. Thang is also a nod to the fact that you can find “thangs” in my store. I will not just have a T-Shirt Selection, but you can purchase totes, tumblers, journals and many other things, stay tune. The designer corner, is you can find products from different designers and other brands. No No No, our products are not just for women, we will have products of everyone. So guys you can shop too.

 Thank you for taking the time out to check out my store. You are appreciated. Happy shopping!!

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